Responsible Las Vegas Rhinoplasty

Many people are dissatisfied with their nose. Maybe its shape or its function is leading you to consider rhinoplasty. Las Vegas has many choices for plastic surgery procedures but it's important to know exactly what your goal is:

  • Is your goal to primarily improve the look of your nose?
  • Is your surgeon experienced and does he or she have testimonials with photographs from satisfied patients?
  • Are you willing to be under general anesthetic, or do you prefer to be awake in an outpatient arrangement?
  • Rather than just looks, are you as concerned or more interested in improving functional elements with your nose, whether from a birth defect or perhaps from an injury?

Don't put yourself in the hands of a doctor without thoroughly investigating him or her. Faith in your physician is extremely important, but make sure it is not blind faith. Take time for discussion with several surgeons in Las Vegas. Rhinoplasty will be a decision you will live with for life.

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For Rhinoplasty Las Vegas has Choices

You would be surprised how many people you pass every day that have had nose jobs. Probably hundreds of people have had successful procedures each day on the streets of Las Vegas. Rhinoplasty is a very popular procedure, whether undertaken to correct a structural deformity or to improve the aesthetic appeal of one's face.

Some procedures can be performed as an outpatient and without the use of general anesthesia. Other times the full hospital experience is part of rhinoplasty. Las Vegas has several good surgeons to choose from, but it is important to take the time to select someone whose vision matches your own. In something like the shaping of a nose as much art is involved as medical science.

This is a serious operation, not to be taken lightly, and commonly takes between one and three hours to complete. The time period can be longer if this is not the first time a patient has had nose surgery. Immediately after the procedure, the nostrils are commonly stuffed with gauze or similar surgical material and a splint is used to hold the new structures in place. Swelling can be significant. Because of the complex structures being altered, it can take up to a full year for all swelling and adjusting to take place and the new nose to be fully revealed.

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