Experienced Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular. There are many providers right in Las Vegas. Plastic surgery requires expert skill and experience to get the results desired. Vegas plastic surgeons vary greatly in quality and it is up to you, the consumer, to look with a critical eye and high standards. You are lucky to have many choices right in Las Vegas. Breast augmentation is extremely popular in the area and several practitioners assert that they specialize in this.

There is definitely an art to breast enhancement so it's important to share the same vision of a good final result that your surgeon has. Different methods of placement, types of implants, and shapes of the implant itself create totally unique looks. Ask for before and after photographs, and take all the time you need during your consultation to ensure he or she understands what you want.

Sensitive Las Vegas Breast Augmentation

Probably few surgeries are more often a subject of joking and snickering than breast enhancement. This may be even more common in Las Vegas. Plastic surgery is apparent on many showgirls and women strolling through the casinos. What many people don't think about, however, is that common people make up the bulk of the population in Las Vegas. Breast augmentation for these women is not about standing out in a crowd in an obvious way but about feeling better about oneself and looking more attractive in clothing.

It's important to select your surgeon carefully when opting for cosmetic surgery. Las Vegas is full of choices, but very few match the credentials, experience, and focus on personal care and sensitivity offered by Dr. Joseph Bongiovi. Whether you are interested in breast work alone, or in additional procedures aimed at improving your appearance such as an endoscopic brow lift Dr. Bongiovi will take the time to ensure your questions are answered and you are a full partner in your results.

A Superior Endoscopic Brow Lift

Our faces are the very first places that show our age. Wind, sun and constant exposure to the elements make those sensitive structures around our forehead and eyes perfect targets. And the dry climate does not help this situation in Las Vegas. Eyelid surgery may be one answer to turn back the years a bit and together with an endoscopic brow lift can totally transform the look of your face.

Eyelid surgery removes the excess skin that gathers as our muscles age and weaken. This can often give the eyes a 'hooded' look and can even impair sight in severe cases. A brow lift removes sagging forehead skin and those deep wrinkles and frown lines that identify us as 'older'. There are too many good practitioners not to pursue this if you are interested in Las Vegas. Rhinoplasty can complete the total transformation of a face if that is something you would like to include in a total facial makeover!

Exceptional Las Vegas Rhinoplasty

How do you feel about your nose? Do you walk down the street and see only gorgeous people in Las Vegas? Rhinoplasty changes the nose, but it often actually changes the look of a person's entire face. And with advances in techniques and decreasing costs this option is probably available to you now even if you have ruled it out in the past.

Open or closed rhinoplasty alters the structure of one's nose permanently. Cartilage, bone, and soft tissue are all removed, reshaped, or augmented to create a pleasing appearance. Most procedures can be conducted on an outpatient basis. Be sure to ask for before and after pictures, since this is a kind of sculpturing in human tissue. You want to be sure your surgeon shares your view of what is attractive!