Las Vegas Blepharoplasty Specialist

Many poets and artists consider one's eyes windows to one's soul. Even those lacking an artistic turn of a phrase acknowledge that the beauty of one's eyes is integral to beauty of one's whole face. That's why it's important if you are considering Las Vegas eyelid surgery you choose carefully.

Las Vegas blepharoplasty (which is the formal name for eyelid procedures) is sometimes done to actually improve the functionality of an eye and 'open it up' to improve sight, and other times done purely to improve the look of one's face. This procedure can involve just an upper or lower eyelid, or sometimes both. Some people are born with excess skin in this area, while others develop sagging as part of a natural aging process. Excess tissue can be repositioned or, more commonly, removed to achieve the desired result. Muscles and tendons in adjoining tissues frequently need to be shortened or tightened to provide adequate structure for the new skin positioning.

Skillful Las Vegas Eyelid Surgery

Sometimes people are born with full upper eyelids. Except for issues applying eye shadow for women, this is rarely a real issue until aging begins to intensify this fullness. Many people develop skin that droops on or over the eyelashes, which actually causes a narrowing of the visual field. In addition to causing eye fatigue this can cause problems reading or increased risk when driving.

There are excellent correction options in Las Vegas. Blepharoplasty can enlarge this reduced visual field and invigorate the appearance of one's eyes to enhance one's entire face as well. Dr. Bongiovi has successfully completed a significant number of these procedures in Las Vegas. Eyelid surgery may also be performed on lower lids to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkling and to help balance the look of one's eye when completing an upper procedure.

These procedures require incisions along the natural folds of the eyes and tend to result in significant swelling. After this swelling has subsided, however, the look is natural and pleasing.

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