Youthful Endoscopic Brow Lift

Often the first place we show our age is on our forehead, especially in dry climates like Las Vegas. Brow lift procedures can bring back a youthful vitality to the face, and trim years off your looks. Answer these questions to decide if a brow lift might be right for you:

  • Do you have deep creases high on the bridge of your nose between your eyes?
  • Does your forehead sag, giving a hooded look to your eyes?
  • Do you notice 'frown lines' between your eyebrows?
  • Are there deep creases across your forehead?

If you answer yes to several of these questions, and desire a younger appearance, this procedure might be right for you. An endoscopic brow lift is virtually undetectable after an appropriate period of healing which is significantly less than with more traditional procedures.

Las Vegas Brow Lift Surgery

Does it seem as the years go by that your eyebrows are getting closer and closer to your eyes? This is one of the most typical signs of aging, and one that is easily corrected with an endoscopic forehead lift. This procedure will raise your brows to their former youthful position.

Many people are concerned about surgical scarring, particularly in the dry, harsh climate of Las Vegas. Brow lift scars are rarely noticeable. The surgeon, depending on the specifics of each individual case, may choose several techniques.

Most people prefer endoscopy for this procedure as healing time is shortest and the effects are generally extremely satisfactory. Under certain conditions, one of two other techniques may be chosen: the coronal or subcutaneous lift. A coronal lift uses an incision across the top of your head from ear to ear.

Subcutaneous lifts are used least often, and involve an incision where your hairline begins. While the coronal lift moves your hairline back (a problem if you have a receding hairline) this does not occur with a subcutaneous procedure. While this is a reliable, proven technique, one main disadvantage is that scars are more visible than with other techniques.

Choosing an Endoscopic Forehead Lift

One of the surest ways to trim some years off your face is a brow lift. While other procedures are available and reliable, the most popular is an endoscopic brow lift, also called an endoscopic forehead lift. There are several reasons why this procedure is so popular.

Since this procedure involves only one-inch incisions slightly past your hairline, it is very difficult to detect. While choosing a cosmetic surgery procedure is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about, the goal is always a natural appearance and scarring does not support this outcome.

Usually six or fewer incisions are used. The surgeon uses these as access points for the endoscope with a tiny camera at the end. This allows full visual access to your musculature. Healing time is short, results are pleasing, and costs can be more affordable than with other brow lift procedures. This is an option worth discussing with your plastic surgeon.

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