Open or Closed Rhinoplasty

There are two types of nose job operations. Open or closed rhinoplasty may be selected depending on the surgeon's preference and the details of each situation. Open procedures for major restructuring make an incision in the strip of skin that separates one's nostrils called the columella. This is considered a more complex surgery than closed procedures but is often necessary for complex situations or for corrective surgery after a previous failed nose job.

Closed procedures are more common for cosmetic correction throughout the country and in Las Vegas. Rhinoplasty that seeks to eliminate 'bumps' or accomplish minor reshaping often uses this technique. Closed is somewhat misleading since incisions are made. They are just on the inside of the nose itself. From that point many of the same augmentations, removals, and reshaping of bone and cartilage can take place that occurs in an open operation.

Las Vegas Rhinoplasty Considerations

Unfortunately, most insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures. Mental health improvement alone does not qualify as medical necessity unfortunately. It is important to insure your physician knows if you are having functional (breathing) issues to classify your open or closed rhinoplasty as a reconstructive rather than cosmetic procedure. This makes it much more likely that you will obtain insurance approval.

Assuming that you don't have insurance coverage cost will be a concern. Money doesn't grow on trees, not even in Las Vegas. Rhinoplasty is much too important to go with the lowest bidder, however. Be sure you discuss exactly what you want with a surgeon, and take time to check out previous patients. Don't be afraid to ask about payment plans to try to make a more experienced surgeon affordable. There are several companies that specialize in personal loans for dental or medical procedures not covered by insurance; investigate these options as well.

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